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Custom Remembrance Jewelry Custom Ashes Necklace

Custom Remembrance Jewelry Custom Ashes Necklace

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Personalized Remembrance: Copper Ashes Necklace

Crafted with heartfelt care, our Custom Ashes Necklace in copper offers a touching way to honor cherished memories. Embrace the warmth of 53cm of personalized elegance, elegantly designed to keep precious memories close.

Timeless Tribute in Copper

Experience the enduring beauty of this 14g copper masterpiece, tailored to preserve precious ashes. The 53cm size allows for a versatile display, close to your heart or as a symbol of remembrance. Each crafted detail symbolizes a personalized connection, preserving memories with grace and dignity.

Personalized Keepsake of Enduring Love

Evoke cherished moments with this personalized copper necklace, a tribute to everlasting love and cherished memories. Its crafted elegance, weighing 14g, offers both style and sentimentality. Embrace the solace of a tangible connection, a timeless keepsake meant to treasure.

Honoring Memories, Crafted in Copper

This 53cm necklace, made with care from copper, embodies reverence and honor for treasured memories. The 14g weight symbolizes strength and significance, celebrating the enduring connection between hearts. Crafted with precision and personalized to reflect individuality, it stands as a touching tribute to eternal love and remembrance.


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